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Other Causes of Hair Loss

Hair breakage – hair breakage can be due to hair shaft abnormalities which may be genetic but more often a result of ‘hair care’ treatments.

Traction alopecia – can be quite common in women and is due to hair that is pulled tightly with braiding, ponytails, weaves, and other hairstyles that put chronic tension on hair follicles.

Trichotillomania – is a type of hair loss due to pulling out one’s own hair.  Often, patients with this form of alopecia have a constant urge to pull out their hair, but it may be a subconscious impulse as well.

Fungal infections - Fungal infections (“ringworm”) can lead to temporary or permanent hair loss.

Needless to say, both the evaluation of hair loss and its treatment are often complicated and can take time. The evaluation of hair loss always involves a detailed history but may also require blood tests, hair samples for microscopic evaluation and for culture as well as scalp biopsies. Alopecia is one of Dr. Bruder’s areas of expertise.

Hair transplantation, for both men and women, in the hands of an experienced and skilled hair transplant surgeon, may give excellent cosmetic results.  Dr. Bruder does not perform hair transplantation but has often referred appropriate hair loss patients to qualified hair transplant surgeons